Photo Credits & Descriptions:

1., 2., 3. The Las Vegas Paradise area captured on an exceptionally clear night in Las Vegas, NV. All were taken with Paulette’s Galaxy S Relay smart phone and modified through Instagram.

4. Portrait of Paulette Le Pore Motzko taken by Vesna Hanhart in her Las Vegas Studio with her iphone.

5. Digital image by Paulette Motzko modified on Instagram of a Photograph by Vesna Hanhart.

6. Digital Image by Paulette Motzko of a Florida Flower detail of a photo taken by Vesna Hanhart.

7. Close up detail digital image by Paulette Motzko of Modern Abstract Art painting by Vesna Hanhart.

8. Digital close up detail by Paulette Motzko of a Waterscape photo taken by Vesna Hanhart.

9. Stella multi dimensional painting by Vesna Hanhart. Digital image close up detail by Paulette Motzko


Photo of Paulette Motzko & Vesna Hanhart taken by my friend Jamae
September 2014

Copyright October 2014 Motzko & Hanhart

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The Technicolor World of Las Vegas, Nevada

Only in Las Vegas, Nevada would you see international businesses, consultants, conferences at the Sands Expo that bring in some of the smartest businesses offering cutting edge products and services.

I was just talking to a chemical engineer and a fire chief who work for the same company at —-. They attended the Fire Prevention Expo at the Sands. Where did I meet them? Only at Starbucks!

In Las Vegas the housing is cheaper than southern California by about half and the jobs are more plentiful.

In the four plex that I am now renting I Lake Mead is just a mile or so away on Lake Mead Ave.

The mountains look like the Wasatch mountains butted up against the foothills when I lived in Sandy, Utah in 1986-1990.

I found people to be way kinder here and smarter and well, it is way more pleasant all the way around than in southern CA.

I will always visit it and the beautiful, majestic Pacific Coast Highway with its piers studded upward and down.

Just about two years ago I posed here for a shot that I would then use for all kinds of marketing purposes. Was a great trip with Don La Plante





Paulette’s out door office at the outdoor patio at Starbucks in the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas, NV


A carousel where the white horses are made of white flowers at the Wynn Hotel





I will be going to The Aria Hotel to talk to the Public Relations Director or Marketing Department about a gig I have been wanting to do for over two years, but couldn’t because my mother needed me and now mom is alright with a staff of people helping her 24 hours a day where she once had me from 2001-2013.

My new friend & room mates David and Mike build the booths at the conventions around Las Vegas like the Sands Expo. Pretty cool job really.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
8:35 p.m.
Updated at 1:00 a.m when the warm Las Vegas winds were blowing outside my window