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We can all make a difference every day by what we say, what we do, what we focus on, who associate with, who we avoid, and by taking time to really sit and think about what kind of world we want to live in from a personal perspective.

If it’s not the world you want to live in, how can you change it?

How can you make it better?

What contributions can you make that would make your part of the world a little better?

Written by Paulette L Motzko
April 14th, 2016
7:48 a.m.

One Tree Can Start a Forest

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Whatever we do on the behalf of someone or the world will come back in dividends because if you do something that changes someone’s life, it is the single most rewarding thing you will ever do in your life.

I have done it dozens of times and when I invested the time helping someone, or doing something that would ultimately affect the lives of thousands of people, changing a life, helping someone help themselves, is one of the most empowering things you will ever experience.

Somehow, even though I am not shooting for it, when I go out of my way for someone else, something great comes back to me as well!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Feb 1st, 2013

via One Tree Can Start a Forest.