Amazing Photographers I Know

There are four photographer friends I I want to show case here and add a short bio and also a photo and put a contact form in so I hope it can build their customer base by doing so. Why would I do such a thing? I do it because I can do it and it gives me JOY to put in one spot all three kindred spirits who see the “magic in the mundane”, as I told Mena Habeeb when he was sitting next to me in the chair that now holds my  Swiss computer case and bag that reads: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” -Joseph Addison and Richard Steele

The four great photographers I want to highlight, who have two things in common and don’t know it are:

Jackie Teeple-Jackie and I have known each other for about six years. We met at Barnes & Noble and she worked there for over a decade until she went to pursue photography full time.

Jackie has a special gift of capturing someone’s persona on film and bringing out the best of who they are. She shot over 200 photos of me last November 2012 at the Huntington Beach Pier. I will add some here to illustrate what I mean. They were the best photos ever taken of me in my life.

To reach Jackie Teeple-Phone- at Two Eight Photography

Phone 805-403-8569

Web site-

John Luis Madrigal-He is my Filipino Writer Blogger Photographer friend who has been to more countries in the last year than anyone I have ever met i my life!

We met at Starbucks in Cypress when I said “God bless you” to him after he sneezed, and he smiled, with the infectious smile only John has and invited me to sit with him. We discussed his photography techniques, web sites he is on and where we want to be in our careers in the next year and next five years.

Examples of some of his photos will appear here, when he selects them.

Phone number-NA In the Philippines now. He will be back in southern CA later this year.

Email address-

Web site

Michael Chan Yee- I met Michael Chan Yee and his wonderful father Joe at an Arby’s I am a regular at before Christmas this year. He has nearly 30 published books and creates them for anyone who would like to have one. He showed me one of a special book he did for Long Beach State’s basketball team. Granted I love the Los Angeles Lakers but his photos were incredible. I told him to contact the Los Angeles Lakers on Twitter and send a link to some of his sports photography. I hope he does it.

Also, immediately I thought Sports Illustrated covers when I saw the expressions, winning shots he captured for all time.

Mena Habeeb-

Mena Habeeb and at a Starbucks in Huntington Beach, CA January 4th, 2014 and I know our lives will never be the same again; they will be better.

With Mena’s telephoto lense you can see the faces of the surfers on their boards and see the ruffled feathers on the birds on the beach! His nature and scenic shots are touched by the Hand of God and their beauty speaks to all languages.

Here is one of them:

I call this one "Mena's Freedom Seagull"
I call this one “Mena’s Freedom Seagull”

Pandora’s Box of Potential.

You can reach Mena Habeeb at 714-609-8859

Web Site:

You can email Mena at


He uses a Canon 7D and charges $125 per hour for wedding photography

Mina charges $75 for portraiture

This is a work in progress and I am going to be adding hand-selected photos chosen by each of these photo artists.

What do they have in common?

They all know me! No, that is not the crux and most important thing they all have in common. They all see the world through the eye of a camera and see the infinite possibilities in a situation, a scene, a place, a taste, or a special person, etc. They don’t know one another but will, when I introduce them all to each other!

At Chapman University, when I graduated out of their Voluntary Leadership Program in 1997, the philosophy that was reinstated with countless variations was The Triple Win Philosophy. I win, You win and Society Wins. The most extraordinary thing you can create is to merge talents and resources and intelligence and wisdom and technique and end up with something so extraordinary it transforms to sheer genius!

I want them all to meet one another, or just  know the other exists, to expand their creativity base and learn new insights to their own craft….plus meet new friends who share the same common bond.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright, January 9th, 2014


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