Snapshot Perspectives

Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come up 

Hope – A widely misunderstood word in today’s society. Most words in English have various meanings and can be used in different circumstances. An example of this – HOPE

“I really hope that I can get the new video game soon”

“I hope I can get away without eating my veggies”

“I hope I get an A* on my test”

Though these sentences might be grammatically correct and are seen as everyday phrases, the word hope is seen as a want. My blog, however, focuses on a different perspectives. I see the word hope as something that induces life. Hope heals people and changes their lives. Mexican immigrants move to the United States in hope of a new life, mentally affected individuals have suicidal thoughts as no one usually understands their plight. They too hope for a change.

Therapists use…

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