Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse, as in Valley Of Fire

Steve Bruno Photo

Valley Of Fire Skylight-Steve Bruno

The idea of finding just one place that finds me continually returning to photograph had me contemplating for some time.  Another spot with extensive imagery in my files was going to claim the ‘muse’ title until I happened to glance over at my equipment.  Wait a minute.  There’s nothing to mull over here.  I bought a special tripod to photograph this spot and I still refer to it as my Valley Of Fire tripod.  End of internal discussion.

Not too long ago, I thought I was through with my photographic efforts at Valley Of Fire.  I felt as though I had great images of all the unique features I had come across, and had left little or no room for improvement on those.  Recently, however, I have returned to cover new subjects as well as old subjects in a new light.  The enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and I know I still…

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