Over Already? :O

La Expresso

Wow 43 days went by real quick. But no,I should not brood this time :/

In the last weekend of holidays, I went on a “solo”(that’s a feat by itself 😛 hence the highlight) hiking trip to Sharavati Valley(Western Ghats).When I say solo, I mean me with random bunch of people from all over India.When I decided to go, I read through the details of the trip and in my mind I was thinking,”Ha! Just a stupid trek up a valley.I can complete it like a boss.” I did complete it but after slipping,falling,crawling and holding on to a branch like a baby hoping it would automatically transfer me to my destination.Most of the other people in the trip had done several high altitude treks and I was not just the one with least experience but also the youngest of the lot. Let me share some photos.

Note: These were…

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