Souls are not meant to be shown to everyone

Totally Inspired Mind


Created at 4:44 a.m. the time I was born, I have gained much wisdom in my 5 decades of life, like the beads on a rosary, each year becoming, learning, growing, losing, winning and experiencing the gamut of life’s emotions.

If your soul were a light that emanates through you to others and the great feelings they generate through you are then passes on through others you will never see or know.

One good person can make more of an impact on the world than any army or battalion ever could fight.

Genuine motives, a kind heart, and operating without pretension or manipulation to get something, are the benchmarks of a person who is truly successful.

Truly successful people love to mentor or pass on the torch, as I like to envision.

They live for raising up other’s standard of living to greater heights.

I have a few extraordinary friends…

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