Dusk to Dawn

Can you also write 50 incredibly expressive words and combine it with one of your images?

Photo by EJC

50 words.

He always felt alive at dusk. There was something about the colors in the sky and the way they slowly transformed into the onset of night. Everything winding down with another day’s experiences just around the bend. But in this moment, in its silence, that was all a lifetime away.

photo taken 8/16/14, Corpus Christi, TX, iPhone 5s

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Moon gazing at the Highline

Mixed Pakodas

I have been star-struck before.

I have very special memories of laying on the terrace with my father and our dog, counting the many stars. These are memories from my hometown far far away.

Those were times of clearer skies, when days were bluer and nights darker.

It is my utmost desire to have the entire New York City shut off its lights for just one night. I wonder what sounds we would then hear, what lights we would then see beyond the skyline. Where this desire seems hard to fulfill, I did see a little more than few stars last night.

At the Highline, facilitators helped me use telescopes to gaze at the Moon and three planets other than ours, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

I acknowledge that this is perhaps a normal experience for many people, but I cannot contain my joy and excitement at having seen the moon…

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Beautiful Huntington Beach Pier by Paulette Motzko


Check out this #LyveMoment.
As I was looking at my photos from last year 2014 I came across this beautiful shot I took of one of my favorite places in southern California the Huntington Beach Pier.

In the spring time the bougainvillea bushes bloom a bright orchid color and are  compliment the sea of blue.
How I miss this place and now that I live in Las Vegas, NV there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss the scenic views, flowers, birds, sea air and Pacific ocean in CA. I came here because of cheap housing, but my heart and soul will always feel most at home by the sea.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Photography by Paulette L Motzko

Poetry is the longest deepest reddest caress



The roses are blooming
I am assuming
You’ve seen them

So vivid
You can almost hear them
Bees they are grooming

When they lose their petals
we use their seeds
to make rose hips and drink rose hips tea

But that is in
winter and it
is still early May…


I hope the roses are blooming
Where you are to me;
My dear, unimmune to the moon;

So clear
like shorn raindrops
on yet roses…

A cute man!
Adventures, in Catamarans
Sleek, and smooth sea side entertainment…

Reach me?
A hand from Torino
to Londino


Wherefore art
thou Romeo?

His hips,
so soft

Let’s save him
and for later
lonely water:

your twelve daughters
have ached and pined
for the cute man


from Torino
just about the kindest
gentlest most empathetic

Italian you could ever meet
who doesn’t smoke
let alone on the toilet…

Tell him
Hello if…

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