Hot Dish Heaven*

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

It’s 5.15pm. My phone buzzes.

“It did take me a little longer than I’d hoped, but I’m on a train on my way to you. Do you have gin? Xxx,” the message says. It’s from Seb, obviously.

“Ah well done! Yes, of course I do. What time does train get in and where?” I say. ”Would love some skimmed milk and some Red Bull Zero. And maybe a bottle of wine.”

“Sure thing,” he replies. ”I’m not sure, to tell the truth. Typical, eh! Looking forward to arriving.”

“Me too xxx.” I say. Oh, how I look forward to getting past the long stretch of the evening that will spend waiting for him. On the plus side, very much on the plus side in fact, he has made it onto a train. So must stop worrying about something befalling him before he arrives. Maybe will watch my television for a…

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