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People always ask me what it is that I’m hoping to be as this blog develops.  Am I training to be a photographer? A graphic designer? A writer? Well, it’s a little bit of everything as I’m hoping to one day work for or have a web-magazine of my own, telling stories about creatives in our newly border-broken world, and sharing their experiences.  This year is all about learning for Cait and I, and where better to learn from than the pros themselves.  So manicures be damned, we’re getting some pro tips and a new series.  Enjoy!

Pro-Tips---Roberto-WestbookSo it all started a couple of months ago.  Cait said “Berto is coming!”  I thought, ‘okay another friend is visiting, cool.’  But this Berto turned out to be none other than Roberto Westbrook, the plenty talented photographer who’s work has been featured in everything from National Geographic to the New York…

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