12 times NYC… or some other city with an Empire State Building

Incredible views from photographer Randy Scott Slavin.

Paulette L Motzko


As seen by photographer Randy Scott Slavin:  In his work called “Alternate Perspectives” NYC becomes an unknown city of nowhere, only its landmarks are recognizable.

“In my music videos, I’ve continually tried to take concepts to the next level, to push the ideas to be more engaging, moving and stimulating—and I approach photography with the same philosophy. When I began shooting landscapes, I was compelled to push the perspective.”

Utilizing panoramic photography in his very own way, he is able to convey the sense of place without binding it to a specific geographic location or to a known site. In his pictures there’s a sort of overflow which hints at NYC and, looking closely, Times Square and the Empire State Building are obviously there.

However, these are not pictures of Times Square or the Empire State Building; or of New York, for that matter.

They are a surrealist collage of colors, textures and…

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