My Journey as a Photographer and Artist

Jeremy Murchland

This blog will be about my journey. . .or, should I say my new journey?  I really started learning and doing photography a couple of years ago as I felt a need for a creative outlet and had a co-worker whom I admired that did fashion photography.  He invited me to a shoot, and the rest was history.  I jumped in head first and didn’t look back.  Fast forward two years, many fashion shoots, some published editorials, and lots of money spent on equipment later and here I am — no longer a fashion photographer, no longer worried about coordinating these big editorial shoots, and no longer worried about what gear I’m using.  I decided that fashion photography just wasn’t for me.  So, if I’m not doing fashion photography, then what am I doing?  Well, I’m shooting what I love. . .pure and simple.  I love my family and love taking photos…

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