Christmas in Texas: Johnson City’s Christmas Lights

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One of the things I like about Christmas is that, while gloomy weather starts to settle in December, the Christmas lights and decorations give us a respite by making the streets and our homes look magical, full of light, colors, and warmth.

Christmas is behind us though, but we still have until New Year’s Eve to fly those lights and colors. As a consequence, here are a few pictures of Christmas decorations from Johnson City, TX.

Johnson City was founded by James Polk Johnson, an uncle of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. The city, located about 50 miles west of Austin, was also LBJ’s hometown. You can learn more about the history of this city here.

Johnson City isn’t a terribly big city, but it puts on a giant light show for Christmas. Here are some images of its 2014 decorations.

[You can click on any picture to enlarge…

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Teachout Family

Jessica Miller Photography

It started off as a gloomy day, but the smiles of this adorable family made this session brighter! This is my second time photographing this family, and hopefully not my last. The camera loves them.

Momma Teachout picked out such a perfect color combo/pallet for this session. And little Jaidyn’s attire is the cutest. I always say he can pass for a baby GAP model 😉

I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmas’s and I continue to pray for blessings and happiness as we reach the new year. Enjoy!





Because I can’t choose between color and b&w. It’s a never ending struggle…





I love Jaidyn’s little smirk in this photo… ❤



Converse love






Here’s to a brilliant New Year ❤

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