Winter Dawn at the Grand Canyon


IMG_0023.JPG The Grand Canyon at sunrise

It was very difficult getting the motivation to rise before dawn even in early January when the sun doesn’t rise until after 7. But we still had to drive half an hour from our overpriced hotel to the Grand Canyon park and then drive to the overlook. In the end, wanting to watch the actual dawn, we probably left in the bitter chill at about 5:30.

The idea of a powerful sunrise over one of the worlds most iconic and beautiful sites is a potent one. Visions of a gorgeous, color-filled extravaganza swept through our minds. Arriving, the arctic stillness of the place and the massive black nothingness as we peered across the canyon was overpowering. One could just make out distant shadows of rock outcroppings. With no one around, the edge of the world feeling was palpable.

IMG_0020.JPG The rosy-tinted dawn of the Grand Canyon…

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