I came across this picture at Bodegacats.com and just love the look of it and the emotion in the cat’s posture. Who says animals can’t talk? What is he saying to you?

Volumes in just a glance…if I’d taken the shot, I know I’d have picked something juicy from the window just for him.

I kind of feel the same way this last week. I’ve been 20 hours a day busy, but still doing awesome things that I love. (Truly though, I just want to run away for a few days to Coronado with my camera!) (Or Barcelona for their soft beds, lazy Sunday mornings any day of the week, and their beautiful breakfasts with the tiny sausages and the coffee con leche. Sigh. Heaven on earth.) I know when this project is all done, the trip there will be all that much sweeter. I am so grateful though, to…

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