Time lingers (senryû)

Tournesol dans un Jardin


Photo credits: Julie-de-Waroquier@DeviantArt

Better late then never, I say with this interesting photo prompt. Photo challenge #20 Time Goes by like a train, at Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie awakened my memories of living by the train tracks near my grandmother’s home.  I used to run across as the gate was just coming down, bells ringing and the man in the tower shouting at me to stop but a few times, I still took a chance.  How lucky I was not to end up like this though I just wrote…

railway crossing
yesteryear’s tragic loss
her ghost still walks

© Tournesol

But this prompt’s title also inspires thoughts about time and we have had several haiku prompts from a few different blogs on “time” in the past weeks.  This is what the photo with the title inspired…

summer days crawl
forlorn, waits for her lover
but time has stopped

© Tournesol

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