Winter Dawn at the Grand Canyon


IMG_0023.JPG The Grand Canyon at sunrise

It was very difficult getting the motivation to rise before dawn even in early January when the sun doesn’t rise until after 7. But we still had to drive half an hour from our overpriced hotel to the Grand Canyon park and then drive to the overlook. In the end, wanting to watch the actual dawn, we probably left in the bitter chill at about 5:30.

The idea of a powerful sunrise over one of the worlds most iconic and beautiful sites is a potent one. Visions of a gorgeous, color-filled extravaganza swept through our minds. Arriving, the arctic stillness of the place and the massive black nothingness as we peered across the canyon was overpowering. One could just make out distant shadows of rock outcroppings. With no one around, the edge of the world feeling was palpable.

IMG_0020.JPG The rosy-tinted dawn of the Grand Canyon…

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Snow Geese

MJ Springett

Dear Friends, the images below are a natural history lesson.  The Snow goose on the left is the white morph and the right image shows a blue morph of the same specie of goose.  A few of these snow geese were mixed into a large flock of Canadian geese at the airport in Superior.  We sneaked across the grass to get close and i think we got close enough, til Tomorrow MJ
snow goose white morph

snow goose3

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Photo 101: Man In The Glass

soul n spirit

This is a pic of a bullet ridden glass ……Are these for real? Yes, very much …..  

This is the flip side of the beautiful Kashmir valley. A common sight in this beautiful but terrorist infested state. (though not the entire state) These are for real and part of the daily survival of locals out there. Good news…..Situation is in control and improving day by day.  Steps have  been taken to bring some normalcy in their lives through ballot and not bullet.

Today elections are going on in J& K state. On this occasion I wish them full democracy & peaceful days. 🙂

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Smiley …

Nature's Place





Did you know a spider smiles? Yes, somewhere, inside, below the surface appearance every spider smiles instinctively, psychically.

They smile because that is the natural state of things when there is no problem. And a spider never has a problem because a spider doesn’t think and get emotional.

Maybe they are on to something there, instinctively. Something we the people can perhaps learn from. Though we think, and it seems often too much, we can get back to the perfect instinct.

The instinct that allows no unnecessary thought and right action in the moment, and starts with the simple pure sensation inside, the tingling or pressure in every part of every body.

We only have to relearn it. After all we were once instinctive creatures, just like the spider and the fly. And it begins with attention to …


Did you know every insect meditates? Yes, every fly, bee…

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Had a few minutes tonight at sunset time to get down to the park…I love the way the lights come up on the pier and scream-IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT! There’s just something cool abut seeing the weekend come alive in color that makes me want to celebrate! 🙂

Hope all went well with you and all your stuff today! Be inspired and be well, my friend!

I’ve really loved this song…but I never heard her backstory. Dreams come alive and become you’re reality when YOU LET THEM FLOW and make them your heart’s desire…not just with singing, with anything you want to do. Know it, breathe it, believe it and you’re claiming it.
You just gotta do what’s in your heart…don’t stop till you do.

Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow… XO

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I came across this picture at and just love the look of it and the emotion in the cat’s posture. Who says animals can’t talk? What is he saying to you?

Volumes in just a glance…if I’d taken the shot, I know I’d have picked something juicy from the window just for him.

I kind of feel the same way this last week. I’ve been 20 hours a day busy, but still doing awesome things that I love. (Truly though, I just want to run away for a few days to Coronado with my camera!) (Or Barcelona for their soft beds, lazy Sunday mornings any day of the week, and their beautiful breakfasts with the tiny sausages and the coffee con leche. Sigh. Heaven on earth.) I know when this project is all done, the trip there will be all that much sweeter. I am so grateful though, to…

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Grey Skys to Blue, How to Photoshop it – THE EASY WAY

Don Charisma

Have you ever taken a photo when it’s overcast, and when you got home, looked at it on the computer, and you were thoroughly disappointed ? – this has happened to me many, many times. Until now I didn’t know how to solve this annoying problem.

doncharisma, Blue Sky Before and After Blue Sky Before and After

Google is full with guides of how to make grey skies blue, but all of them seem more effort than they are worth, really I don’t want to replace the entire sky with a fake one.

Easiest other solution is just to take the picture on a nice sunny day. However that means missed photo opportunities 😦

Note: Photoshop is a great tool for editing photos, but it often feels like I need a PHD in Photography to drive it. The only way really is to start to “get my hands dirty” with it and start trying to do…

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