Multi-Subject Photo Film Strip by Paulette L Motzko. Photos by Vesna Hanhart & Paulette Motzko, Painting by Vesna Hanhart


Photo Credits & Descriptions:

1., 2., 3. The Las Vegas Paradise area captured on an exceptionally clear night in Las Vegas, NV. All were taken with Paulette’s Galaxy S Relay smart phone and modified through Instagram.

4. Portrait of Paulette Le Pore Motzko taken by Vesna Hanhart in her Las Vegas Studio with her iphone.

5. Digital image by Paulette Motzko modified on Instagram of a Photograph by Vesna Hanhart.

6. Digital Image by Paulette Motzko of a Florida Flower detail of a photo taken by Vesna Hanhart.

7. Close up detail digital image by Paulette Motzko of Modern Abstract Art painting by Vesna Hanhart.

8. Digital close up detail by Paulette Motzko of a Waterscape photo taken by Vesna Hanhart.

9. Stella multi dimensional painting by Vesna Hanhart. Digital image close up detail by Paulette Motzko


Photo of Paulette Motzko & Vesna Hanhart taken by my friend Jamae
September 2014

Copyright October 2014 Motzko & Hanhart

Note: If you would like Paulette Motzko to create a digital photo montage with your artwork, paintings, photographs or help you sell your amazing, one-of-a-kind art pieces….

Email her at

Or call or text at 714 728 6037

Make sure you state your full name and cell phone number & when the best time to reach you is.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko is a freelance writer, photogapher & marketing consultant based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves cooking and has two cooking blogs:

Las Vegas Cool & Easy Cooking


Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly

She has a photography blog that uses the genuis of photographer’s inspiring photos as a springboard for writers to write.

Photos That Inspire Words

The most popular of Miss Motzko’s web sites is Totally Inspired Mind
It recently won Most Inspiring Blogger Award and readers from over 50 countries monthly tune in to be inspired.

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