The 43rd Floor

2014-07-21 16.29.45He lay the signature red rose down on the sandy beach. The rippling waters of the loch had a calming effect as they lapped gently towards him. This had always been the quiet place that he would come to, when he needed space to think and reflect.

For nine hours now he had been on the run. Many nights he had spent planning this within the confines of his cell. Breaching the outer security barrier, he would make his way to her house – the place where they had spent so many happy times together. She would greet him with surprise and open arms, and he would present her with his signature gift – the single red rose, a token of his love.

How differently things had worked out. Arriving at her house in the early hours,Β he had sheltered initially, hidden in the trees opposite. Soon she appeared, looking as…

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