Old lady & walker

the lazy photographer


I think I’ve shot this woman in the past, like a few years back. But it might be someone with the same look, I don’t know. Anyway, I shot this during the Streets Open TO event. Everyone else was wearing short sleeved shirts and pants or shorts, so she stood out for sure. I waited across the street for five minutes until she finally arrived at this spot. I thought the background would work with her dark clothing. I tried cropping it tighter first, so it would be just her and the windows behind her in the photo, but I think I like it better wider, with more activity in the shot. Hope you like it, and happy Sunday.

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Mortons At Mary’s Peak

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Sisters I Sisters

My brother, sister and I are are pretty scattered. Sarah lives in Germany, Paul has been in California but is moving to NYC and I’m all over the place. Still, we’re close – we all make our living as freelance artists – and every now and then we make an effort to meet up in the same place at the same time. Recently, Sarah and her husband Nik flew into San Francisco and drove north with Paul to Oregon, where we rendezvoused at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Philomath for a few days.

Siblings at Work: Paul playing, Sarah sketching, me documenting Siblings at Work: Paul playing, Sarah sketching, me documenting

We were together on our parents’ 35th wedding anniversary and since they couldn’t make the trip West, we kids headed up Mary’s Peak in the Oregon Coast Range – one of my all time favorite hikes – and took some photos to send them to celebrate the day…

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