So You Made Yourself a Garden…

Living Looney

There was a time when I labored for an entire weekend to start this lovely garden project.  Since then, there have been many more weekends of labor, hours upon hours of watering and inspecting, and quite a bit of harvesting from my little labor of love.  My garden is (mostly) going gangbusters!


I’m about to have fresh corn on the cob, another batch of edamame, and pumpkins galore!  I’ve already made three loaves of zuchinni bread and tried three times to make kale chips.  The jury is still out on the quality of my cooking, but the garden?  It’s been labeled a success.  My neighbors who spy on my backyard regularly keep complimenting my lovely garden and tall corn.  Thanks for noticing, even if it’s a little creepy.

I inspect my garden almost every night.  These two make sure they keep an eye out for any opportunity to join me.

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