Painted Sunset

Reminds me of when I was a kid in Tucson, AZ.
Thanks for sharing!

Paulette L Motzko

Into the Canyon

To debut the cultural section of Into the Canyon, we will be showcasing the wonderful photography of retired PUHSD teacher, Maryann Watkins, who was kind enough to share her art with us. Make sure to check out the analysis of her photograph Painted Sunset below. She may be contacted at: .

Remember to support our local businesses and artists! Enjoy!

Painted Desert“Arizona sunsets never cease to amaze me. No two are the same and they change in a heartbeat. I was enjoying a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and happened on this incredible view of the desert – just as the sun was nearing the horizon. It looked like an artist had splashed a variety of her paints on the canvas in an effort to find the perfect color for the sky. Thirty seconds later, the colors were gone. But tomorrow, as the sun sets once…

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