Down By The River

David R Durham is such a gifted writer & photographer and I have just become one of his biggest fans.
I reblogged three of his works on PhotosThatInspireWords today because he is doing what I had hoped to see others do with the photos I select for the site…write something that inspires you when you look at the photo.
Keep writing and shooting photos that freeze great moments for all time.

Paulette L Motzko

The Poet Photographer


Down By The River
Down by the river an old man sang,
His voice so full of life, one with tide.
He whistled ancient tunes, calling
His soul back home, borne on wind and stars.

Down by the river, old women sang,
Their voices full of family love.
They hummed ancient lullabies, soft
And gentle, guiding their children home.

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

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