8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Using Silver in The Photo

      • *smile – I’m visiting LV in Sept. 5 days. Thank you so much for your kind words, maybe my creativity comes from that I’m a chef. My eye for details.

        • Small world Viveka…go figure. The weather will have cooled off by then. It would be awesome to meet your creative self.
          I just moved here a few months ago from southern Ca.

          I am on Facebook by my full name Paulette Le Pore Motzko and on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by my nick name PollyMotzko

          • Polly, have sent a request on FB now.
            Maybe there can be a chance for us to meet up during my stay, 7-12 Sept.
            Still it’s going to be hot-hot compare to what I’m used to over here, but we had 10 days of fantastic weather lately.

            • Coming from southern ca I know all kinds of tricks for staying cool. Stay outside as little as possible when it is approaching 100 degrees, wear sunscreen, bring cold water with you every day, wear slightly damp clothes as they will dry in minutes outside, and keep you cool too, lastly, let your hair dry by itself.

              Some of my pointers for ya. Everywhere has ac here. I hear it cools off in September. Looking forward to it. I will look for your friendship request on Facebook too.

              Paulette Motzko

              • Paulette, thanks a million for the tips about how to stay cool in Las Vegas. We used some of them when we sailed in the tropics – South Pacific. Damp clothing and keep an eye on our salt intakes too, but for 5 days I don’t think there is a danger with the salt.
                The Chinese told me not to drink cold drinks when it’s hot … drink lukewarm instead, because when a ice cold drink hits the inside of a warm body it makes the heart beat faster and we sweat more. It works and I very seldom drink ice cold drinks in very warm weather.
                So looking forward to visit Las Vegas.

                • Hello Viveka,
                  I am also looking forward to meeting you as well.
                  It is now ten minutes after 4 a.m. here in Nevada and I added your country Sweden to my World Time on my Android phone-so I would know what time it is where you are.
                  Guess it is 1:04 p.m. there in the afternoon.
                  Well, I read about your life on your web site, and I am sorry to hear about your battle with cancer and hope you are doing well now.
                  I read about the things you loved and didn’t realize you were single like me. I was married for 15 years though and divorced since 2001.
                  If you are 42 years old-I am going to be 53 in August on the 31st. We will have to do something when when you come.
                  God bless you Viveka.
                  You are one talented lady.

                  Paulette L Motzko

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