Scenes of the Summer


IMG_2009 Hi everyone! Welcome to my more personal section of rileyssaladbowl (Riley’s Salad Bowl). This section is going to give you a different understanding of who I am than the other two categories; it will cover topics of travel, moving, and whatever pops into my head to be honest. I’ll try to post on a weekly basis (I’ll avoid treating this as another instagram). We are starting off the blog with a hot topic right now: summer. If you had to suffer the long winter cortex like I did, I know you’re ready to whip out the sandals and throw out the snow boots. I have a lot going on this summer! I’m moving my family to the Midwest, then visiting California, Ireland, and France before I move to the West coast! I’ve never been outside the US, so I’m stoked to travel this year. After all, my favorite drip coffee…

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