Solbit Asks, “When Is a Bottle Brush Not a Brush?”

Tales of a Plastic Jurassic

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Dear Nicalai,

Big news:  Nona says that today is the 500th day of our two-year around the world trip!  That’s not what’s on my mind though.

Don’t you wish people would name things right?  I get confused by names.  You’d think that names would tell you what something is, but, no, sometimes they trick you into thinking they’re something that they’re really not.  How’s a girl supposed to know what’s what?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  Papa told me that we were going to see some “bottle brushes,” so I figured that we’d either be in a bar or someone’s kitchen.  OK, or maybe one of those stores that has everything you need for a kitchen. Wrong!  Off to the woods (I mean the bush), again! Here’s me with what he calls a “bottle brush.”

trip to Blue Mountains, National Pass Hike from Wentworth Falls

No, it’s not a bottle brush. It’s…

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