Mountain biking Cockeyed Creek – a Voyage of Rediscovery

Great travel shot from Coastingnz. What does this make you want to write?


in the bush cock eyed creek mtb ride

ok, so maybe voyage isn’t quite the right word but I thought it made for a good Headline! Definitely a ride of rediscovery though.

cockeyed creek mtb ride

Great to be back out on the bike as we headed inland from Greymouth to check out an old mountain bike haunt, the cock eyed creek ride. We used to ride this often – quite technical, a good test of skill but due to erosion and previous storm damage it had become quite overgrown and pretty much unrideable.

It’s always been a favourite trail for the local 4 wheel drive club though so we were hoping they had been in and cleaned it out a bit – we were not disappointed as they had done a sterling job.

crossing the creek cockeyed creek mtb ride

Cockeyed creek is definitely a ride of contrasts with rocks, boulders, creek crossings, mud – glorious mud, HUGE puddles – ok, more like bogs but lots and lots…

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