Shutter Speed

What even is Media?

Well well well, we meet again my little dumplings (wot..?). Been a while hey? 

So to do a quick catch up on what’s been happening, we are still on the topic of photography in our Media class and we have now covered the topics of Shutter Speed (which will be addressed in this blog post) and Aperture (keep a look out for that!). 

But firstly…

“What is shutter speed?” I hear you ask? Shutter speed is the length of time a shutter is opened. 
“What in the heebeejeebes is that?!” I hear you ask? HAHAHAHA I have no idea… Well for someone who doesn’t know a lot about camera (e.g. myself) I would describe shutter speed as 

Longer shutter speed (longer time open) = more motion your picture has and the more exposed it tends to be

Short shutter speed…

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