A Study in Chichewa and Pavement

200 North Thompson St

Trying something different in this post: what follows is simply a transcript of what I wrote in my journal during my trip to Malawi last March through April, more or less unedited.

30 March

Looking out over the waters of Lake Malawi, I could very well believe I was looking out over the ocean.  I got into Malawi two nights ago, and to Senga Bay last night.  I’m a little cross for sleeping in, and missing the chance to go fishing today.   The last few days in Malawi have been a whirlwind of late travel and impromptu language lessons.

I feel a little scattered from the long journey: I arrived to Lilongwe two night ago after 37 hours on a bus, feeling disoriented and totally uniformed.  I slept in yesterday, didn’t have enough money to pay the hostel, went for a long walk to the wrong bus station to retrieve my sunglasses, which…

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