People watching, window shopping and basking in the sunlight

Musings of the Pengo Pair

Our last week workawaying with Tim & Juliet was very social, with outings for dancing, morning tea, bingo and cards.  It’s been great to get a taste of other people’s lives and we’ve particularly enjoyed checking out the different places where Tim & Juliet’s friends live.  The bingo night was great fun.  Mike had all these different names for various numbers, which had people quacking along to the numbers 2 and 22 (a duck and pair of ducks), laughing to his description of 69 and never-ending ball puns, many relating to dropped balls.  We were sitting at the lucky table where 4 out of the 5 full houses of the night were won!  Steve and I won a full house each (worth about 40 euros in total) and the other workawayer Jacob won a line and a full house.

The winning tickets The winning tickets

Peonies in bloom Peonies in bloom

The obligatory border collie shot - this time of Ruby The obligatory border collie shot…

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