G is for Golden cliffs of Lagos

Let us travel to Lagos….reminds me of Newport Beach & Laguna Beach, CA

WhyNot Travel

Yesterday I took advantage of the sunny blue sky to walk the Lagos cliff trail along the coast. I was told it was a ‘really nice walk’.

Nice?!pfft. It is a spectacular walk. The cliffs and oceans, naturally eroded into eye-catching, beautifully carved structures, make a view that will turn your hour walk into a half day mission. So many photo opportunities, or just minutes lost staring in awe at the beaches, the oceans, the cliffs.

I like to think I was chasing pirate ships on my walk… it was cool man. Look look look!


Chasing Pirate ships along the Lagos Cliffs Chasing Pirate ships along the Lagos Cliffs

So far the natural beauty of Lagos has stunned me. I cannot count on my two hands the number of times that I have stopped and though ‘is this actually my life right now?’. I’m living in a resort paradise.

Living the dream.

Prepare for some awesome view shots;

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