I am afraid of heights so right there you’d never find me standing on that rock! Then, looking at how precariously it is wedged between there, a million bucks wouldn’t get me air lifted on the rock.

Nice this person has faith though!

What does this photo make you think of?

Paulette L. Motzko

Odd But Not Unusual



Faith that it will hold you up…

Faith that it will keep you from falling down to your death…

Faith that it will be there beneath your feet, even when you close your eyes or look away…

Faith that even after you’ve walked away, it will still be there, ready to support you when you choose to take that step…


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Further Variations

The Lightweight Photographer

My last post has drawn some interesting feedback on which image people like best and why. The thing I find fascinating about this exercise is not only do we tend to favour one image over the other (most of the time), but we tend to do this for different reasons. I have just read a great comment from Paul making the point that the different tones in the surrounding grass, some dead and some alive is distracting as well as the direction of the grass. Whilst I also see this (more now Paul points it out), it doesn’t cause me any issues with the colour image. In fact it makes it feel more natural to me.

Another comment from David talks about liking the subtle graduations in tone from the colour image. This is also my perspective and what I find so attractive about the colour image. I do however…

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