Vogue Gioiello September 2013 : Find The Jewels


Vogue Gioiello September 2013 issue :

Enrica Ponzellini – Fashion Editor/Stylist


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So long winter! Spring is almost here! The air is getting warmer and the light is lasting longer. Even my Instagram photos are lighter and brighter.

Usually these posts have a bit of a theme but this one is a random mix of a few of the things I have been up to lately: drinking coffee (too much), trying to get used to wearing specs, stopping to smell the flowers, fieldtrippin‘ and admiring ceramic vessels.

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The Grand Californian Hotel Lobby by Disneyland, Anaheim, CA


Tonight I did something I don’t usually do…
I allowed my friend Laura to take me out while she was in town from Washington. It was so wonderful because we have so many things we have in common and she is such a wonderful and interesting conversationalist.

I managed to snap this one with my Android My Touch before the battery expired…..

64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics – Infographic Jeffbullas’s Blog


Here is an awesome article I found on a new Twitter friend’s Paperli.com newsletter. Looks like from the URL here that Jeff Bullas was the creator of it since it was created in 2012.

I love Pinterest and use it all the time and I get amazing creative ideas by looking at what other CGI artists, graphic designers and photographers do to make winning, memorable photos.

Hope you like this article as much as I did.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Bay Area 4: Tilden Botanic Garden, Berkeley Rose Garden

Perennial Pastimes

Gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers are spoiled for choice in Berkeley. Not only can visitors spend days wandering through the UC Botanical Garden, but the city is also home to the Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden, and the famous Rose Garden. What joy!

I wrote about my lovely perambulation through the UC Garden, complete with a “Secret Paths” tour.  It was magical. And while the garden at Tilden is smaller and is solely devoted to plants native to California, it is no less enchanting. Here are just a few of the plants that captured my attention: the towering Humboldt Lily (I have never seen lilies that grow so tall–I had to aim upward and zoom in to take the photo), the aptly named Fried Egg Flower (Romneya), and an unknown fern.

We passed by the Berkeley Rose Garden right around lunch time–a hard time of day to take photographs…

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