Torquay Beach 1

Thank you for such a fantastic photo of Torquay Beach in Victoria, Australia!
I reblogged it on my site called “Photos That Inspire Words”
I welcome you to add more scenic shots like this. They may inspire someone to write a story or poem from them.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Torquay Beach in Victoria, Australia


Camera: Olympus E500

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I dunno

What a beautiful photo!
I reblogged it to my site here called “Photos That Inspire Words”, a site I created to show case extraordinary photos in hopes they would inspire a story, poem or other work from writers.
Feel free to share more.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Mustard Seed Budget

The more you think you know, the more prideful you are, the less you will depend on God. Not being a know-it-all, keeps you humble.

When I started ministry in Guatemala, I knew pretty much everything (or so I thought). By the time, I finished 16 years later, I didn’t know hardly anything. I had stubbed my toe more times than I can remember.

When he started playing football for UCLA my pastor, Rob Scribner, fought for a spot on the team. He stayed home, studied his

plays and studied his Bible. He got the spot. In his second year, he studied his plays and his Bible a lot less and spent more time enjoying his “celebrity status.” His game didn’t immediately dive, but it sure didn’t skyrocket like that first year.

He who comes to prayer, desires wisdom and direction from God. At the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica…

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What kind of photos move you the most?

Whether it be a landscape photo, a close up shot of a bird or flower, or shooting the very dishes you cook, share what you enjoy taking photos of the most.

Why do you enjoy it and what have you learned about photographing over time?


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Creator of Photos That Inspire Words

Poem offering #2 – “untitled #2”

I really love your photo! Where was it taken?
I just re-blogged it on my site called “Photos That Inspire Words” at:

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It is a very new blog on here.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Girl in a Basement

Okay, I misled you. Again. I said it would probably be tomorrow, but it’s going to be today.

Lucky you – two posts in one day.

Have to share with you the story behind this poem before I share the poem with you.

My relatives used to have annual family get-togethers. Usually, they rented a couple houses out in North Carolina and headed out there for a week or two during the summer months. Older Sister and Younger Brother once went with them, as a shared graduation gift.

In August 2000, the relatives had the family get-together out west, in Colorado. Specifically, Winter Park, Colorado, at the Gandy Dancer Lodge. And I got to go with them for the week and a half that they were there.

One of the best things about that trip was the whitewater rafting expedition we all went on. Now, we didn’t go on one…

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Miss Polly's Dog Lucky

I rescued Lucky from the Animal Shelter many years ago and “Lucky” was the name the owners had who couldn’t keep him. He was the only dog not barking and is the sweetest dog and a lot of company.
I traded in my Rocket Scientist ex for him! The ex used to talk a lot more but the dog doesn’t have a color coded sock drawer!